Private policy


The definitions used in the terms and conditions

User – a natural
person, a legal person or an organizational unit that
is not a legal person, whose special provisions grant
legal capacity, who sends a request for an offer, uses
contact forms or registers on the customer portal.

– the data administrator is Scan M2 Sp.zo.o. ul. Aleja
Jana Pawla II, nr 43A, lok. 37B, Warszawa 01-001, NIP:
527-297-18-61 data protection is carried out in
accordance with the requirements of generally
applicable legal provisions.

Terms and conditions
– these Terms and Conditions

– website at
through which the user can get acquainted with the
company’s offer, ask about the service, use the
Client’s Portal, and also subscribe to the newsletter,
if any.
Services – types of
services on the website.

Interactive form
– the form located in the Service, which is a form of
contact with the Administrator, requires the
following: name, surname, e-mail address, phone

General information

Scan M2 SP. z O. O. edits and administers
the website at
(Service), which makes available to persons
using the service (users).


Scan M2 Sp.zo.o. declares that the
presentation of the offer on the pages of the website
does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the
provisions of the Civil Code and is for informational
purposes only. The company does not guarantee that the
published descriptions of the offered services and
products do not contain any missing or erroneous

Copyright SCAN M2 SP. Z O.O.

All copyrights and intellectual property
rights to the website and its graphic elements, such
as photographs, drawings, graphics, text, as well as
other content belong to Scan m2 Sp. z o.o. The Service
and all its elements are protected by the law based on
the following legal acts:

* the law of 4
February 1994 on copyright and related rights (text
OJ 00.80. 904, P. 1. zm.),
* the law of 16 April
1993 on combating unfair competition
(OJ l 93,
47.211, p. ZM.) and
* act of 27 July 2001 on the
protection of databases (Journal of laws

Use of the service is
permitted only to the extent specified and defined as
a user of the service. Using the service in any other
way requires the conclusion of a corresponding written
agreement with Scan m2 Sp .z o.o.


General resolutions

1. In connection with the operation of
the Service, Scan M2 Sp. z o.o. is the owner of
information about the users of the service from
interactive forms posted on the service, which are
provided by users voluntarily. The personal and
telephone data of companies registering on the pages
of the service and access passwords and logins in the
client’s portal are subject to processing.
2. IP
addresses are used to collect general statistical data
for analysis of the characteristics of hits made by
users of the service.
3. Data about the users of
the website are used for the following purposes:

provision of business-related services;

providing information about the latest features of the
offer, services;
* recruitment by Scan M2 Sp. z
• creating and sending commercial

Data Administrator

1. The administrator processes the data
of the persons enrolled in: newsletter, using the
client portal and interactive forms located in the
service. The user transfers his personal data to Scan
M2 Sp. z o.o. which is tantamount to consent to the
placement of personal data in the database of Scan M2
Sp. z o.o. Service publishers
and their processing in accordance with the privacy
2. Personal data are processed:
in accordance with the provisions on the protection of
personal data,
b. in accordance with the
implemented Privacy Policy,
c. to the extent and
for the purpose necessary to fulfil legitimate
interests and the processing does not infringe the
rights and freedoms;
3. Any data subject (if we
are the data controller) has the right to access the
data, rectification, erasure or restriction of
processing, the right to object, the right to lodge a
complaint with the supervisory authority.
Contact with the person supervising the processing of
personal data in the administrator’s organization is
possible by e-mail:
5. The deletion of personal data may occur as a
result of the revocation of consent or
admissible objection to the processing of personal
6. The administrator does not share
personal data with other entities than those
authorized under the relevant legal provisions.
Personal data are processed only by persons authorised
by the controller or by the processor with whom it
cooperates closely.


1. Internet service
it uses cookies. “Cookie” is a small text file sent by
the service to the user’s device, for example, used to
collect information about the activity on a particular
2. In each browser it is possible to
change the settings concerning “cookies”, that is, to
determine whether they should be received or not, as
well as how to delete them. The absence of such a
change means the acceptance of the user for the
services used by the service

Final provisions

1. Please send any questions and comments
regarding the terms of Use and Privacy Protection
directly to
2. Additional personal data, such as your
e-mail address, will only be collected in places where
you have explicitly given your consent to do so by
completing the form. We store and use the above data
only for the purposes necessary to fulfill the user’s

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